Lithium-ion battery fires on boats are a growing concern in recent years. The main hazard is related to the risk of thermal runaway, which can cause fires or explosions if the Li-ion battery is punctured, damaged, exposed to high temperatures.

A notable incident occurred in September 2021, when a fire broke out on the 35m yacht Siempre in the Port of Olbia. The fire, which resulted in the total loss of the yacht, was believed to have started from a faulty lithium-ion battery from the owner’s water scooter.

To prevent such incidents, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and when the batteries are not in use they should always be stored in a fireproof box, as stated in the recently published UK-MCA guidance – MGN681.

However, there are very few fireproof boxes that are built to withstand the ferocity of a lithium-ion battery. It is also a fact that the critical time for the battery to be contained and monitored is during the charging phase.

The certified solutions available from Livault make charging your batteries in a safe and tested fireproof box easy to achieve.

Many experts believe that the maritime industry is not fully prepared for the risks associated with Li-ion batteries and their huge growth in both capacity and number onboard. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest safety measures and best practices for handling and storing lithium-ion batteries to be safe and secure.